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Graphic Designer
& Marketing Director

Sam Keyes has a strong background in both Apple and Microsoft Windows products.  He has become an expert in the Office365 and the applications that live in that ecosystem. Although Microsoft is certainly the best known name brand in the corporate world, Google has started to take a large portion of the corporate foot print. In the wake of this, Sam has stayed abreast of these developments and is an expert at setting up Chrome books and keeping files managed in a Google-based environment.

Sam also has a strong background in online marketing and a degree in advertising.  His Graphic Design abilities combined with technical skills has given him an uncommon edge in online marketing.  Sam has been the lead designer and developer for dozens of Websites and several print campaigns nation-wide.  He is skillful at interacting with WebPorch customers and brings a different view to the project/conversation that is at once  light-hearted and business-like, allowing for a more efficient work flow of any project.

Web Developer
& Project Manager

Mark Taylor is a Project Management Institute Certified Project Manager with over ten years of experience delivering high quality software to customers.

He has managed project budgets as large as $1.8 million and has managed teams where the members were geographically dispersed from Belfast Northern Ireland to Seattle Washington.  He is an exceptionally good team builder who focuses on creating and growing long-lasting relationships with his customers.

Mark is a Software Guild certified Java Web Applications Developer and has created applications and components for businesses such as Fedex, US Airways and Liberty Mutual.  He played a key role in mining and delivering information that the National Transportation Safety Board requested when they investigated the now famous “ditching” of US Airways Flight 1549 into the Hudson River in New York in January 2009.

Mark is also a CompTIA CTT+ Certified Technical Trainer.  He has taught several Web design and development courses at The University of Arizona and The Southern Arizona Institute of Technology.



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