Do You Need Great Content For SEO?

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So you’ve got that beautiful new Website and you are hoping your investment pays off by driving customers to your business. If the site was not created with SEO in mind there is more work to do on your content.

Why Do Search Engines Exist?
Search engines are in the business of providing a variety of services related to marketing. They need people to use their services to make money. How do they get people to use their search engine service? By providing quality, useful content to the people using their service.
Is Content Really King?
When we think of Website content pictures, video and text come to mind. When it comes to SEO, the content that matters most is text. Search engines have a bias for text. Before we get into what makes great reading content we need to understand its importance of text in the SEO ranking continuum. There is a common expression in the Web development industry: Content is king. This is misleading. While content is important it is not most important. Look, lots of fantastic content without any links pointing back to your site will not improve your site’s Google ranking. Having some fantastic content with lots of links pointing back to your site will result in a better Google ranking. So while content is important it is not king. You need links pointing back to your site. This is not the topic I am writing about today but I will return to this subject in a future blog.
Search Engines Love Text
Back to the topic of content. It is unfortunate that text is such a driver for search engines. It has resulted in billions upon billions of words within Websites that are never read. The sole purpose of all that text is to boost search engine ranking. This results in some sites with little text but great content losing position to poor sites full of useless content. How can we take advantage of this bias for text to improve search engine ranking? By giving lots of thought to a set of keywords and then using those keywords throughout your site.
You Need Quality Content
There are two strategies for presenting content:
  1. Purchasing content. There is an entire industry around this concept and content is available for as little as a few dollars. Note that search engines are becoming very sophisticated at detected garbage text. This may be a poor option.
  2. Linkbait. Link bait is content that you create that will grab attention because it is useful, funny, interesting or entertaining. The quality of the content will improve your ranking. Remember that bit of information above about links pointing to your site? Hey! Wouldn’t it be great if people were sharing a link that pointed back to your site?
Some fundamental truths of getting great SEO results:
  1. You need useful content.
  2. You need to look for opportunities to add content whenever and wherever possible. There is a lot of content out there that is available for free. Website owners should be continually thinking about the kind of information that their customers will find useful and then go and find it.
  3. If you have competitors you are going to need even more useful content than they have.
Creating A Great List Of Keywords
More content means more pages and more pages means more keywords. To get started on optimizing your site, create a great list of keywords to sprinkle throughout your Website’s content. So, how do we create a great list of keywords? We want to think about the words your potential customers are likely to use when they are searching for the stuff that they need. These are words that will return links valuable to the customer. Start off by brainstorming with others who have a stake in the success of your Website and business. This could be employees, family, friends and perhaps even current customers. While you will get the best results in a meeting with all the stakeholders, it is sometimes impossible to gather everyone into a single place at a specific time, it’s a virtual world after all. It may be necessary to use other methods to gather ideas, e.g., email messaging. Brainstorming has four steadfast guidelines:
  • You want a BIG list to choose from
  • There must be no criticism of ideas as your list is built
  • Encourage wild and crazy ideas
  • Combine ideas to make ’em better (and perhaps crazier)
Consider every idea contributed as worthy. Do not edit the list while brainstorming is underway as it may inhibit participation.
Once your group has exhausted ideas it is time to begin evaluating the list to trim it down to a manageable and useful size. Once you have your final list it is time to develop or update your content using your keywords as liberally as possible.
In the next blog, I will present ideas on how to use your keywords while developing content.
SEO Requires Lots of Time and Knowledge
The pace of business today is fast. It is an incredible challenge to keep up with your business, let alone putting a Website together including content. But Websites are an essential tool for doing business today. Creating an optimized Website takes time and a lot of knowledge. Webporch is here to lead potential customers to your door. We can help you serve up valuable and useful content and improve your search engine ranking. If you need to increase your Website’s traffic or if you need a new site that is search engine optimized please give us a call. We would love to discuss ideas with you.