NFL Sundays

Prior to this year’s NFL season I told friends back home in Colorado that I would no longer follow the NFL 0n television. I have been a Denver Broncos fan since the 60’s

My decision had nothing to do with the national anthem and player’s knees. I turned 62 this year and there are just too many things I want to accomplish while I still feel more or less good and healthy. Spending three hours of my Sunday on the sofa hollering for a group of guys wearing orange returns no lasting value for investing my time

That said something a friend said got me thinking about the NFL draft of 2012. It featured two quarterbacks who were considered the best prospects for their position in decades. They received massive contracts and were taken first and second in the 2012 draft. Where are you Andrew Luck and RGIII?

It is interesting that QB Tom Brady was taken in the sixth round (pick 199) of the 2000 NFL draft with no real expectations placed upon him beyond backup QB. This guy, with low prospects, continues to cut opposing defenses to ribbons season after season. Brady is one of only two players with five superbowl rings.

There is definitely a life lesson here. You will have to decide what that is for you. I finish with a favorite quote:

“Expectation is a prison” – Robert Fripp